Board & Vellum and Environmental Works are both located on 15th Avenue East. Just like you, we’re passionate about the place we work, dine, socialize, and for some of us, live! We know there are a lot of changes coming to our little corner of Capitol Hill, as you can see from the map below. With the recent community push to try and save our 15th Ave East Hilltop Station, we want to address the importance of having community input early in the design process, rather than before construction begins.

The upcoming workshop will be organized into two parts.  The first part will be a Visioning Exercise where we will collect your ideas and the second part will be a hands-on Design Exercise for 15th Ave E.

We’re doing this pro bono and we are not affiliated with any city agencies. This workshop is for the 15th Avenue East community; this workshop is for you!


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